Sikhism And Tantrik Yoga


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Perhaps the biggest and most successful of all Sikh Cults is Yogi Bhajan and his 3HO organisation.

Throughout Sikh history, Sikhs have had the truth of GurMat challenged by many corrupt groups, including Minas, Dhirmalias, Ram Raiyas, Niranjanias, Radhao Swamis, Nakli Nirankaris….
but one of the biggest threats today without a doubt, is the 3HO, disciples of the Cult Leader Yogi Bhajan.

In the 1960s, during the height of the drug and hippie movement, Yogi Bhajan floated around his crude mix of corrupted Sikhi and Tantric Yoga (reproved in Adi Granth).

During his US tour of 1977, the highly intelligent and brave Sikh scholar Dr Trilochan Singh challenged and exposed this anti-Sikh movement via his 1st edition of this book. This book has helped thousands of 3HO cult members realise the truth of their beliefs and situation, and in turn, has saved them from a life of ignorance and abuse.

Dr ji predicted this book would be even more relevant in 50 years time and he was not wrong, here we are.

With a ton of gurmat comparative study, Dr ji exposes via evidence, the ocean of corruption Bhajan has brainwashed many western folk with, alongside who supported and promoted him from the Panth, and helped his empire of profit and deciept grow.

Much is explored in this huge book including Bhajans break away and war with his teacher, and first hand accounts from ex 3HO inmates. Too much to summarise here!

This book not only exposes a dangerous modern day cult but through reading it, one develops bibek budhi (discriminating mind) and thirst for solidifying their Gurmat knowledge in order to recognise authentic from fake in all future interactions.

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