Puratan Janam Sakhi – Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji – Punjabi


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Bhai Vir Singh Ji (1871-1957) was a Poet,Scholar and a Theologian. He was a Prominent figure in revival and renewal of Punjabi tradition.

He wrote Puratan Janam Saakhi in 1926. This Janam Saakhi was a combination of Oral narrative of Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s life along with early written traditions. To that he added verses from SGGS to make it whole and connect the narration with Guru’s Bani.

Chronologically organised, the sakhis are clearly listed and presented in a easy to read format with relevant Gurbani cross referenced and footnotes of the author added to present his clarifications and interpretations.

The Puratan Janam Sakhis form the foundation of all Sikh history, as these were the earliest recorded accounts of our earlier Gurus lives. There is huge on going debate around the different versions from different traditions and their authenticity, but this should in no way stop Sikhs exploring all versions to improve their own learning and performing their own analysis.

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