Sri Gur Panth Parkash – History of the Rise and Spread of the Khalsa Panth – Vol 1 & 2 – English


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You will be shocked to know. That the vast majority of your amazing Sikh history. Is not shared.  Perhaps because it is too empowering. Perhaps because it would give you too much courage. Perhaps because it would boost your strategic intellect. Perhaps… because it would evolve your spirituality.

The gift of REAL education. Has been suppressed from our people for too long.  After 150 years of an English speaking Sikh community, the vast majority of our ORIGINAL history remains untranslated. This is a crying shame.  Instead, our youth are given politically biased, watered down, hand picked, CHANGED.. versions of Sikh History.

Time has come for change.  With Sri Akaal Ji’s blessing, Turiya is involved in numerous major translation projects.

We will soon be releasing translations of ancient Sikh historical granths in English for the first time in history.

If you are interested and would like to be contacted when these become available, please email us your name and phone number, and we will add you to our newsletter.

In the mean time, please take this wonderful opportunity to purchase one of our most important historical granths, which outlines the most detailed accounts of the early Khalsa and our greatest warriors and bravest sants.

Empower your Sikhi. Transform your life.  Read.

Panth Prakaash. Written by the highly intelligent grandson of one of our greatest heroes, Bhai Mehtab Singh. Assassin of the great enemy of the Sikhs, Massa Rangar.

Translated to English.

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