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True Guru Book

The Jap(u) Ji Sahib is the foundation of Sikhi and of GurMat. It is wisdom filled prayer that most Sikhs have heard of and which all Sikhs are to repeat every single morning.

Yet there remains a huge gap between the culture of recitation and the culture of understanding (and therefore applying).

This amazing book by the most highly regarded Sikh Scholar, Sant Singh Maskeen ji, gives what is possibly one of the best example based practical translations and explanations ever written. Each chapter discussed in depth every pauri of the Jap Ji sahib, and the transition of the discussion from one verse to the next flows like a calm beautiful river.

Whether for self learning and spiritual development, for teaching children, for discussing with family and friends or for giving the ultimate gift of kindness (pure wisdom), this brilliant book should form part of every Sikh households GurMat Philosophy collection.

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