Sikhism And Yoga – Quest for Self-Realisation and God-Realisation – English


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A must have for the deep Gurmat thinker, brilliantly written by the excellent Anurag Singh.

An absolutely mind-expanding book which rips up the modern day business/trend/cult yoga narrative and delves deep into the true origins, schools, objectives, benefits and pitfalls of yoga as it has evolved from the Vedic literature, through Patanjali and how it has been deeply analysed by Bhai Gurdas ji. Relevant and deep examples of yogic discussion are explored through Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji and Sri Dasam Granth Ji too, giving the Guru Sahibans wisdom on the present state of yogic culture during their times.

A deep reflection of this ancient and huge science ultimately evidences that even without an ounce of ‘academic’ yogic knowledge, ALL of us are mastering/have mastered aspects of yoga, which are apparent in our personalities, hobbies, pursuits, passions, abilities and goals.

1. Hatha Yoga
Mastery : Breath
Outcome : Physical well being, vitality

2. Laya Yoga
Mastery : Will
Outcome : Power of Mind

i. Bhakti Yoga
Mastery : Love
Outcome : Power of love for a diety
ii. Sakti Yoga
Mastery : Energy
Outcome : Energising forces of nature
iii. Mantra Yoga
Mastery : Sound
Outcome : Power of sound vibration
iv. Yantra Yoga
Mastery : Form
Outcome : Power of geometrical form

3. Dhyana Yoga
Mastery : Thought
Outcome : Power of thought process

4. Raja Yoga
Mastery : Method
Outcome : Power of discrimination
i. Gyan Yoga
Mastery : Knowledge
Outcome : Power of intellect
ii. Karma Yoga
Mastery : Activity
Outcome : Power of Action
iii. Kundalini Yoga
Mastery : Kundalini
Outcome : Power of psychic nerves

5. Samadhi Yoga
Mastery : Self
Outcome : Power of Ecstasy

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