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There has been much talk and discussion about various ‘Anand Karaj’ courses over the years due to mixed faith marriages etc. Nothing has transpired/been delivered to date. We see a more pressing issue, that of ‘thousands of Punjabi youth’ from Sikh backgrounds who get married every year, who have zero to little knowledge (and in many cases, interest) about Sikhi. The blame game would go back and forth i.e. lack of education/inspiration/opportunity from parents, gurdwara, leaders etc. What we must focus on is the ‘solution’.

We have been blessed to come across and have read this absolute diamond in aatmic (spiritual) Sikh literature. By far, the best kathaa/in depth discussion, explanation of the Guru Ram Das Ji’s Laavaan we have ever come across. Absolutely mind blowing. And translated to ENGLISH. The best Anand Karaj course is already here sangat ji.

This book will ‘change’ those who decide to take laavaan at Gurdwara sahib. It should be given to EVERYONE getting married as a standard practice well in advance of marriage so that they have time to read, discuss, implement change and evidence understanding pre-marriage. In fact, this book should be given to all youth so that they can start contemplating the meaning and purpose of life and the vows they will take one day in the future.

Bless the youth in your family and sangat. Gift them this priceless GurMat treasure today.

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