52 Commandments of Guru Gobind Singh – English


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Turiya are blessed to be able to bring to the Guru Sangat the 52 Hukums of Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji which were recorded by devotee Baba Ram Singh Koer just before Dasmesh Pita ji left their physical form.

These 52 hukums are widely available today, but understanding them in the light of GurMat and therefore their correct application in life is a different matter.

The brother of the blessed Gursikh who found the old manuscript (Principal Satbir Singh ji) has written this brilliant book, examining each hukum in depth in the light of Gurbani. It truly is a detailed, blessed framework and guide for every single GurSikh alive, teaching how to live your life in the most honourable and spiritual way possible.

If all GurSikhs could rise to these standards set by Dasmesh Pita ji, Raaj (over internal and external) would simply be inevitable.

Bless your family with the ultimate Khalsa guide to life and implement the 52 hukums of Guru Gobind Singh ji into your lives

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