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Giani Sant Singh Maskeen was a truly educated GurSikh. Master of Farsi, Urdu, Sanskriti and Brij as well as GurMukhi. He also undertook a comprehensive study of all Abrahamic and Sanatan faiths.

His knowledge has been second to none in recent times and his calm, logical, relevant example and evidence based method of doing parchaar (giving sermons) and always cross referencing ithihaas to Gurbani, has left deep respect amongst all the true khojis (searchers) in the Panth.

He came closest in our opinion, to achieving the high standard set by Guru Hargobind Sahib for all parcharaks i.e. being masters of 14 Virtues.

We feel blessed to share Giani Ji’s Gurmat khoj legacy with the Panth today, a khoj, which was free of all bias and corruption.

Be inspired to learn to research, read, listen, contemplate and discuss bani in the most powerful and honest way.

Set of 13 books in English

Five Vices and Four Eras

Shabad Guru Surat Dhun Chela

The Third Eye

Path And The Pilgrim

Gurbani Priceless Jewels

Panch Parwan


Karam Philosophy & Aim of Human Life

Blissful State Of Equilibrium (Sehaj Di Katha)

Prabhu Simran

Truth of Attack on Sri Akal Takhat Sahib – Operation Bluestar

Biography Panth Ratan Gyani Sant Singh Maskin

Secrets & Mysteries

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Sant Singh Maskeen




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