The Ramayana of Valmiki – Full 7 Volume Set – English


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An Epic of Ancient India.

India has many versions of the story of Rama composed in Sanskrit, Prakrit and various vernaculars of the north and south. Yet the ancient Sanskrit version, attributed to the sage-poet Valmiki, by tradition the first work of true poetry, is the source revered throughout India as the original account of the career of Rama, ideal man and incarnation of the great god Visnu.

This great Sanskrit epic of ancient India has profoundly affected the Literature, Art, Religions and Cultures of countless millions of people in South and Southeast Asia – an influence that is perhaps unparalleled in the history of world literature.

The volumes of this work will present the entire Ramayana for the first time. It has been translated on the basis of the critical edition, which is based on manuscripts representing all recensional traditions.

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Rishi Valmiki






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