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For the first time, an authoritative and well researched history of the legendary Khalsa warrior, Sardaar Jassa Singh Ramgharia Ji.

Sardaar Jassa Singh’s grandfather, Bhai Hardas Singh Ji took pahul from the hands of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji, and fought in Guru Ji’s battles.

They were also a vidhvaan and aad likhaari of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and Sri Dasam Granth Sahib Ji, both birs written in their hand during the lifetime of Dasmesh Pita still exist today. They later attained shaheedi fighting alongside Banda Bahadur.

Sardaar Jassa Singh’s pita ji Giani Bhagvaan Singh were also a warrior and parcharak. They accompanied Dasmesh Pita ji to Nanded, and were chosen to accompany and fight alongside Banda Bahadur, when the latter was sent to Punjab by Guru Ji.

We haven’t even got started on Sardaar Jassa Singh Ji.

Learn about the strategies, the inter-Khalsa wars, the unification war of the Misledaars of the first independent Khalsa armies.

Learn the real facts behind the name ‘Ramgharia’.

Excellently researched, referenced and written. Expand your Khalsa history today, and inspire your family and friends with the REAL stories of the Khalsa.

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