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The first ever complete English translation of the mind blowing ‘SRI GUR KATHA’ ithihaasik granth. Attributed to the courageous warrior, Bhai Jaita, who upon taking pahul was re-named Baba Jivan Singh ji. Bhai Jaita ji is the yodha who with mutual agreement, beheaded his own father, and swapped the head for the divine sees of Sri Gur Tegh Bahadurs Ji’s. This is the same GurSikh soorma to whom the child Gobind Rai proclaimed ‘Rangreta Guru ka beta’, and in one sentence, uplifted the spirits and status of all brave low castes to the position of the most superior men.

Baba Jivan Singh was an accomplished warrior who history recalls having the ability to fight with 1 sword in each hand. He was a kirtani par excellence and was the shastr bidya Gurdev of the Sahibzadey. The amazing battlefield feats of Baba Ajit Singh Ji and Baba Jujhar Singh Ji are in no small part, a tribute to Baba Jivan Singh Ji’s martial prowess.

This amazing granth is an absolute treasure trove of beautiful poetry, spiritual knowledge and warrior inspiration. It is the first granth to detail the ‘Amrit Bidhi’ as is found today, stating the 5 banian which were recited and also makes mention of 5 kakaar. The granth is dedicated to the life of Guru Gobind Singh ji and talks about Guru Ji’s teachings, Guru Ji’s battlefield exploits, Khalse di saajna and rehit. Every single GurSikh should have a copy and pass it down to their future generations.

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