Sikhism And Six Hindu Systems – English


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Sri Adi Granth is hailed as the synthesis of scriptures.

Sri Dasam Granth is hailed as the synthesis of literature.

The inclusion therefore of a multitude of ancient Indian terms, concepts and philosophies has in turn baffled and confused the post British Sikh academia/groups into either rejecting the scriptures or defining Sikhism as a reformed sect of Hinduism.

The Gurus maintained respect for the old systems and concepts, but through their own divine knowledge and experience, redefined them in light of Gurmat.

The first scribe of Adi Granth and the first Sikh scholar, Bhai Gurdas Ji, was the first to systematise Sikhi and compare it to the six philosophical systems. His deep knowledge of Gurmat and ancient scripture allowed him to intelligently demonstrate the doctrinal differences between them.

In today’s world of black and white viewpoints, and religious exclusivity and intolerance, this amazing jewel of Gurmat is a key reading to expand our minds into the traditional academic world of religious char-cha (debate/discussion).

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