Sikhs of the Khalsa: A History of the Khalsa Rahit – English


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Turiya is proud to make the ‘Khalsa Rehit’ available to the sangat.

This was the first (and only) effort in over 100 years of English speaking Sikh academia, that an academic tracked down and finally translated our puratan (original) evolving rehit maryadas, into English.

This book is a massive treasure trove. McLeod has been deemed controversial over the years for some of his ‘opinions’, but putting those to the side, the sheer effort taken to translate our most important ‘documents of discipline’, is truly laudable.

Learn what ORIGINAL codes of conduct were from the origin of the Khalsa, 1st hand. Be inspired. Use the original rehits to cross reference against original ithihaas and Gurbani, to establish ‘fact and correct understanding’.

Free yourself from the shackles of ‘hearsay’.

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