Raga Ratan – Pearls of Celestial Symphony – English


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Pictorial rendering of 31 principal ragas of Sri Guru Granth Sahib based on visuals of Sri Harimandhir Sahib

A beautiful, large, hardback, published by the leaders in real Sikh kirtan education, Punjab University.

After a highly knowledgable and detail introduction to this thesis by Anurag Singh, this brilliant book details the time line, emotion and motivation behind each Gurbani raag individually. Examples of the understanding are given by the Gurmukhi and English referencing of a shab in that raag and a unique hypnotic visual of Sri Harimandhir Sahib is given alongside each raag.

The basics and basis of Gurbani raags is foundational knowledge EVERY Sikh should know, but sadly does not.

Add this treasure to your active library or gift it to a friend/loved one and expand their Gurmat knowledge in the most beautiful way.

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Original Author

Tej Partap Singh Sandhu and Anurag Singh





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