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Turiya is pleased to provide the Guru Khalsa Sangat with this wonderful opportunity to purchase (and in doing so, support further seva) this rare and unique CD which gives a deep and little known insight into the ‘language’ of the Guru and Khalsa and how it was once spoken ie Shere Boli (speech of the Lion), which is still used today by the few elders of the ‘Old Khalsa Orders’.

The CD and wonderfully written accompanying booklet, explain the little researched ‘traditional’ grammer of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. And shows the connections going back to the ‘original language’ of the Veds ie parani punjabi (sahaskriti).

Purchase this absolute gem and expand your Sikhi education. At the same time sponsor further releases of this ancient science and help enlighten today’s generation with ‘original knowledge’.

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