Senchi Sahib (Collection Only)


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Learn Gurbaani Santhiya and Ucharan.

Due to a high number of requests by many members of sangat, and with Dasmesh Pita Ji’s kirpa, we are honoured to do the seva of supplying Senchi Sahibs to the UK Sikh Panth. Senchiyan are traditionally used by Gursikhs to learn Gurbaani santhiya and ucharan (pronunciation, grammer and reading).

They should be kept and treated with the utmost respect. The Senchiyan are high quality with beautifully bordered angs and clear Gurmukhi script. They are produced by the respected Bhinderan Taksaal (school) of Baba Gurbachan Singh ji. We provide the Senchiyan in beautifully hand made, precisely measured, rumalla sahib book pouches.

These will only be available for respectful collection in person. Our collection points are: All over London, Slough, Surrey, Coventry, Rugby, Leamington, Handsworth and Derby.

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