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Written in 1708 AD by Dhadi Nathh Mall, the Amarnama is a Persian works comprising 146 verses.  Bhai Nathh Mall was a Dhadi in the Guru’s Darbaar from the time of the 6th Guru up to the time of the 10th Guru.

The Amarnama gives an authentic eye witness account of Guru Ji’s journey to Nanded and all that ‘actually’ takes place, including the real reason why Madho Das (soon to be Banda Bahadur) is angered by the 10th Master.  It also gives a rare and wonderful insight into the structure of the Guru’s divaans, as well as the rehits which were instructed during that time.

A priceless addition to your ‘Real Sikh History’ library. To learn, to share and to enliven.

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