They Who Take One Step Towards The Guru . . .

by | Gurbani

That wisdom which Jesus Christ taught, was also taught by a respected GurSikh and sevadaar of Guru Arjun Dev Ji, Bhai Gurdaas, as per GurMat understanding.

What then does it mean to ‘come close’ to the divine?

Guru is Gyaan.

SatGuru is the ultimate reality, the source of all things.

How can this wisdom be incorporated practically by anyone of any faith?

One must heed divine wisdom, for divine wisdom is the manifest (sargun) form of the formless creator.

When one not only contemplates but starts to LIVE as per divine guidance, the source of that divine guidance comes ‘closer’ to you?

How can the benefit and experience of this be understood?

God / SatGuru is already within us. His light/breath/element is what animates us and ultimately guides those of us who seek internally.

What is the ‘I’ that Jesus and Bhai Gurdaas ji are talking about?

The mind. Living as per the divine will i.e. keeping the holy name on your breath, performing correct social duty, being charitable and compassionate etc., will help remove the demons who possess the mind (anger, lust, greed, attachment and pride). Once the demons (root of sin) is removed, the aatma (God element) will awaken within and its light, warmth and truth will shine on the mun (mind).

When the aatma touches the mun, SatGuru (God) has come close to the tangible (and temporary) “I”.

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