Guru- dwara – the Gate of the Guru. Sometimes it seems our Gurdware are anything but the Gate of the Guru with power struggles, poor choice of investments, lack of transparency, lack of foresight and often lacking the main purpose to propagate Gurmat. While there are some great Gurdware in the UK, there is a huge variation in quality and certainly a lack of quality Gurmat orientated ones.

ਸਤਸੰਗਤਿ ਮਿਲਿ ਬਿਬੇਕ ਬੁਧਿ ਹੋਈ॥

Joining the Sat Sangat, the True Congregation, discriminating understanding is attained.

Bhagat Kabir Ji, Sri Guru Granth Sahib – Ang 481

To help increase the quality of Gurdware in the UK, Turiya are leading an initiative to have the most comprehensive directory of all the Gurdware along with details of location, types of classes, events and much much more.

We will share more details on the project here and how to get involved in due course.

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